This award recognises how the Connected World is creating opportunities to enrich the mainstays of linear TV schedules with supplementary information and interactivity and to provide new ways of serving niche audiences that are either very local or spread thinly across the globe.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order):

Accedo Broadband – NRL Game Analyser (Australia)

Developed by Accedo Broadband for Australian telecom operator and ISP, Telstra, the National Rugby League Game Analyser App merges full match replays and intricate game statistics allowing users to instantly find key moments within each NRL game by simply selecting from a timeline of events.

CJ HELOVISION – tving (Korea)

First launched in June 2010, tving is an n-Screen service from CJ HELLOVISION, Korea's largest cable operator and subsidiary of the CJ media group. Delivering a wide array of genres and content, tving attracted 2 million registered users within a year of launch and is now available on 130 PC, 110 smartphone and 130 tablet channels.

Deutsche Telekom - LIGA total! Interactive (Germany)

With its unique on demand and interactive features LIGA total! interactive provides additional value for Deutsche Telekom's LIGA total! Subscribers. The application allows viewers to access a host of additional information and on demand highlights from all games in Germany's first and second Bundesliga divisions.

Glastonbury Festivals – Glastonbury Online

A co-production between the festival organisers and the BBC, domestic coverage of the mid-summer Glastonbury Festival includes broadcasts on BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 TV, the 'red button' and several BBC radio stations and the generation of more than 50 live streams for distribution over the internet.

TV New Zealand –U Live (New Zealand)

U is a youth-targeted TV Channel created by TVNZ which includes a daily 3-hour programme called U Live. The audience is directly involved in the production of U Live content using a specially developed Facebook application. In this "Social Television" experience, social networking and broadcast television merge, leveraging behaviours the target group already prefer.



Presented to the organisation that most successfully exploits 'content everywhere' to engage directly and creatively with their key stakeholder groups.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

gIDE Institute – online education for dentists

gIDE is the premiere provider of online and digital dental education with a world renowned faculty of clinicians and researchers which has attracted members and online users in more than 100 countries. gIDE offers an extensive library of over 250 lecture-on-demand and clinical video courses which are complemented by live broadcasts to dental professionals over the internet.

Jyske Bank –

Jyske Bank from Denmark has established an entirely new standard for internal and external communications with its rollout of the web-based TV station, Initially conceived in 2008, the project reached full fruition in 2010 with the introduction of an English version of the site carrying unique content, social media integration, local sponsorships and iPhone and iPad applications.

Sinnott Productions –

Sinnot Productions illustrated creativity and innovation by producing a video for an 'audience of one' to secure the funding necessary to produce a 14-part reality web series about college students who meet to travel to Guatemala to learn about coffee and the people who grow it. The series became the central feature of the sponsors' trade-show booth for an entire year.

Teletext Holidays – Connected TV holiday booking service

After nearly two decades advertising holiday deals on television, Teletext Holidays' new connected-TV app allows viewers to find holidays that suit their needs by navigating through video profiles of different destinations, resorts and hotels.

WESTERNIZED Productions – CableHelix

From satellite, fibre, digital and broadband, Cisco and the cable industry worked together to build the technologies that made the business thrive. The CableHelix video was produced by WESTERNIZED Productions to reiterate to the sector the contribution that Cisco can make at the onset of IP-based technologies and services.